Thursday, January 28, 2010

The News: iPad Tablet is Alive and Well

So the sales charts say.

Not everyone is excited. Are these merely anti-Apple techies or legit concerns? Bill Gates has detractors, as, of course does Microsoft. Maybe with good reason, but reactionaries can be found among those afraid of change.

Is it a Kindle killer? Too soon to say. Apple is brilliantly foolish sometimes, not always ready for their own success. Just look at their computers. They had numerous chances to be right their with Microsoft, but production was slow, and there were high prices and third-party software that was unavailable. Sure, Apple has blown away the market with iPods and iPhones, so odds are good.

It is more than Apple involved in its ability to thrive. Publishers need to get on board. Many have, but Amazon also has incredible distribution.

Here's to many happy customers!

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